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A major consideration of adopting a portal or any new communication channel, is the increase in tenant requests. Making it easier to reach you, isn’t always pleasant. What are some ways to reduce support overhead while still maintaining a positive customer relationship experience? Integrated support.

Some solutions for better handling requests are, support self help support content (or FAQ’s), segmenting requests or auto routing requests. At Payquad we understand this concern and go one step further. We support your support staff as well as your tenant directly, to reduce the messages and concerns your team has to deal with directly. Here are some ways to minimize the amount of requests managers receive.


  • Self help support content:

Tenants will often turn to their portals when they have questions or concerns. By having quick and easy to access solutions that are user focused, it can save time while also building brand loyalty. The reality is that customers want their questions to be answered quickly. Self service allows the customer to resolve any issues efficiently, and without interacting with a representative.


  • Segmenting requests: 

Companies with an Access Request Service benefit from having segments which allow for easier to maneuver questions and answers. A segment represents a set of identities that is grouped together based on similar attributes. When a user in a specific segment visits the support center, they are presented with only the information relevant to them. This allows for a better organized support center, and an easier experience for the customer. 


  • Auto routing results

The customer service case routing feature identifies customer service cases that meet certain criteria, and then routes them to an appropriate agent. The agent assignment is based on knowledge and availability. If a customer has a specific question, instead of being transferred from agent to agent, they are routed to the correct representative right away. This saves time for both the customer and the employees.


Payquad Portals are a great way to support the support staff, as well as the tenant directly. By following the above steps you can minimize any overwhelming tenant requests, while maintaining the ever so important customer relationship.

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