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What is a ‘White Label App’?


White labelling refers to a product or service that is created by software developers as a sort of blank canvas. White-label apps are designed with the intent of reselling them to a business that would like to rebrand the app as their own. 


Where is the name ‘white-label apps’ derived from?


The term ‘white label’ derives from the idea of a white label on packaging that can be filled in with the marketer’s trade design. 


What are some advantages of employing a white-label app?


1. Widen your target market and improve your revenue:

If you are trying to build your reputation as a leading property management company, white-label software providers offer a quick and impressive way to get your name out in the open and increase your chance of  being noticed by potential clients. Tenants appreciate convenient proptech to help them with their daily needs for their units, and crave quick and efficient communication with their management. However, when tenants or managers sign into any such platform, they want ease and familiarity. Familiarity builds trust and satisfaction when making online payments or the like. The white label advantage makes this very easy to attain. Have your tenants sign in to an online portal created by a third party, but replete with your company’s logo, colour scheme etc for the most comfortable user experience!


2. No software team or skills needed:

Rely on the expertise of the creators of the app to build and maintain your app. Problems or glitches? It’s on them to fix!


3. Progressive market:

People now spend more than five hours a day on their smartphones. ‘Mobile-first’ is the preferred mode of technology use for today’s younger population. Mobile devices have become the go-to to complete an array of tasks. This trend is growing at an exponential rate and you can be a part of that growth by opting into white-label app usage.

4. Saves a lot of time and investment:

Grow your business without the headache of investing endless time, effort and         

money to develop your app. Focus on other aspects and let the white label app work its magic for you!


The MyPortal by Payquad Solution:


Payquad offers a full and in-depth array of services and features to help your managers and tenants alike. Our white label app is available both in the google play store and the apple store!  Learn more today about how you can customise your portal to your liking through our white label advantage! ca