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There are many benefits when considering adopting a tenant portal. Some known benefits that you can expect of a tenant portal include convenient payment options and increased accessibility that results in happier tenants and saves you time and money.

While these are compelling reasons, a tenant portal should be about more than just adding options. When taking a look at the portal you are considering it is worth asking yourself some key questions. 

Will this portal enhance your tenants’ overall experience? Will it make their lives a little easier in any way? And is the portal interface intuitive and user-friendly? Moreover, you want to ensure that adding a portal will decrease your staff workload rather than increase it. Checking these facts before going ahead with a new system, will make all the difference for you and anyone who will be using the portal.

At Payquad we know that having all the latest features is not enough, rather we ask how this will improve the tenant experience. Have you experienced the frustration of being inundated with work orders via phone, email, and text with no viable plan of addressing them all? Your frustration is only mirrored in the frustration of the tenant who is not having their needs addressed. Or perhaps you know the pain of sorting hundreds of checks and taking care that they all get deposited before they are misplaced. Checks are not just inconvenient for managers. Today’s tenants mostly prefer the ease provided by digital payments, without the worry of writing and delivering paper checks. Communication problems are also a great push for management companies to jump on the bandwagon of tenant portals. Tenants need to be heard, and having a communication module that is open to them at any time of day or night is key to greatly improving their experience as a tenant of your property. Incorporating a tenant portal is guaranteed to improve the overall experience and satisfaction rates of your tenants and managers alike.

The MyPortal by Payquad Solution

At Payquad we have over 50 years of experience in property management and we’ve seen it all. We’ve witnessed the frustration and grievances of managers and tenants firsthand and have taken those experiences to the worktable. What’s more, if the client presents a problem, we provide tailored solutions to the unique issue at hand. We offer a user-friendly interface with all-around support for managers and tenants alike.  Book a demo now to learn more!