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Building maintenance is an integral part (and, frankly, one of the biggest parts) of a property manager’s daily schedule. We want to know: how do you currently keep track of maintenance requests and how do you keep tenants updated on their status? And, what do you if you discover that there was an issue that’s escalated because a tenant didn’t have a convenient way to report it to you?

That’s where Payquad comes in. While our Resident Portal for property managers is the ideal tool for making rent payments a breeze for both you and your tenants, our maintenance request tool is guaranteed to take the headache out of your day-to-day operations. Not only is it a simple way for you to keep track of requests, it also allows you to:

  • Assign maintenance requests to the employee best-equipped to address it
  • Monitor the progress of maintenance requests
  • Notify the tenant of the status of their maintenance requests in real-time

Having a maintenance request tool that’s available 24/7 allows your tenants to submit requests when it is convenient for them—even if your office isn’t open. For tenants who work shifts or who simply can’t make it to your on-site management office before it closes for the day, this is the solution for them to have their concerns addressed. Sure, they could send you an old fashioned email, but with the maintenance request tool, they can rest assured that their request has actually been received, viewed and assigned. (Say goodbye to “Did you receive my email?” emails for good.)

What does this mean for you? It means that requests for maintenance you may have never received previously can be filed, assigned and marked completed on resolution. This ensures that a seemingly small problem won’t escalate into a larger one that ends up costing you hundreds (or thousands) of dollars to fix.

Most importantly, it removes the hidden barrier that exists when it comes to communicating with your tenants. With a resident portal, you can respond to requests in a timely manner, keeping your customers in the loop every step of the way. That’s the definition of customer service. We all know that property management is anything but a smooth process; it’s how you respond to the bumpiness that makes all the difference.

Give yourself and your tenants the peace of mind that comes with Payquad’s online maintenance request tool for property managers. Bid adieu to piles of paperwork and hello to superior customer service that will help your retain – and attract – tenants.

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