Create an unparalleled resident payment experience

Fast auto deposits:

In today’s world, everyday transactions have been simplified with the convenience of online banking and payment apps. Why should rent be any different? Eliminate the need for the organization of paper cheques and personal deliveries of rent payments by utilizing our convenient and user-friendly payment module today! Receive online payments hassle-free and directly into your bank account.

Multiple payment options:

Bank payments (echeque, PAD/ACH) , credit cards, debit cards are available options for both tenants and management. Tenants can set up recurring payment schedules from their own devices, with the option of dates of the automatic withdrawal being controlled by managment if you want to allow only specifc dates in the month to be paid. One-time payments exists as well, enabling tenants to utilize the module when it is convenient for them. More payment and payment method options means more money and faster received.

Managerial Conveniences:

Managers can create payments on behalf of tenants when necessary, or reference any payment through the use of the filter boxes. A manager also has the option to download a csv sheet for convenient reference of multiple payments at a time. Bulk PAD/ACH can be run monthly by managemnt as well.

Payment History and Receipts

Our payment history tab found on the tenant’s portal, will make tenants self-sufficient which will free up more time for your management team. It grants tenants access to their receipts and previous payment history with a few simple clicks.

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