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For years, supers went around to each unit collecting rent from tenants when payment wasn’t received on time. When a super has to run after tenants to ensure they send a cheque at the beginning of every month and then ensure the payments went through, it’s frustrating and a waste of time and energy. With online payments in online portals, supers can instantly see tenants’ payments and are notified once a payment has been declined or approved. They can also communicate digitally if rent is still owed. Now that’s time and energy conservation! No more multiple trips to the bank.
Sometimes supers receive handwritten maintenance requests which need to be forwarded to head management. This may take time and effort and sometimes it gets lost in the process. When all this becomes digitized, all managers are notified as soon as the request has been created and there’s no extra steps. Once the super has the maintenance request, they either deal with it themselves or contact a vendor to get the job done.
Supers are responsible to ensure that the vendor does his job well and in a timely completion. They are also responsible for scheduling, for inspections, for quality control and for site safety. Communicating with residents via messaging or live chat is so beneficial for all parties involved! This avoids the frustration of delays and communication break down.

Whether your supers have these types of responsibilities or it’s your managers or head office we can customize a plan for you. Talk to us to learn more about great solutions for your portfolio. Learn more