Maintenance Management for Multi-family providers

A comprehensive maintenance module ensures accountability and property value conservation.

Join thousands of property managers using the Payquad platform to manage everyday maintenance throughout their portfolios. 

  • Save time with: Digital Maintenance Requests
  • Save money with: Preventative Maintenance
  • Create staff efficiency with: Calendar scheduling
  • Be on the go with: Mobile Apps
  • Many more benefits and features

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Digital Maintenance Requests in Seconds

Simplify the maintenance process by enabling tenants to submit requests whenever they wish and from wherever they are, through our maintenance module. (Managers can do it too!) Tenants can easily include photos as well for further demonstration purposes.

Built-in chain of command

 Requests will automatically be sent to the correct recipient and then assigned to the correct manager and/or vendor. They will be tracked effectively by the relevant staff member to ensure that the job reaches completion. This is all done through our smoothly systemized software platform with little room for error.

Notifications and messaging:

 Skip aggravating and time-consuming phone calls for the duration of the process of the maintenance job. Tenants will receive real time notifications regarding the status of their work order. Our module also enables tenants to message their management directly in connection to any specific maintenance request. This ensures the organization and consolidation of any and all messages relating to a specific request.

Scheduled maintenance and Inspections

Schedule regular preventative maintenance to tend to problems before they evolve into real issues within your property. Utilize our calendar view to see the daily, weekly or monthly schedule. Create custom inspections templates to inspect anything directly from your mobile device.


Stay informed regarding the statuses of your properties’ maintenance requests or the duration of time that requests have been open. There are also multiple types of reports you can generate using the filter boxes to get a more accurate depiction of any specific property and its maintenance requests.

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