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The world is changing at a dizzying pace. While just a short while ago it was preferable to tenants to have an in-person tour of a unit before signing a lease, virtual tours and digital leasing are quickly becoming the norm and even the preferred method of seeing a unit prior to signing. From a management perspective, this can be potentially groundbreaking. 

Currently, virtual tours are highly beneficial as they remove all concerns of possible exposure to the virus for both managers and prospects. Virtual tours can also save you significant time and effort. As more tenants experiment with virtual tours it is quickly gaining popularity and is likely the new future of the property management industry. It is also bound to save management a lot of money since appointments can be booked back to back without much room for delays or interruptions. This will positively impact the speed of the leasing process and can effectively increase the rate of tenant onboarding.

A common question being asked recently is “How can managers effectively manage the entire application, and leasing processes all from a remote location?” Digital Leasing is the answer to this problem that property managers are currently facing on a global scale.

Imagine a Digital Lease flow that begins with showings, continues with the application process of a prospect, continues with the application being sent to the property manager for review and digital approval or denial, and then segues smoothly into the leasing process, and digital signing for all parties. At the culmination of this seamless process is the conversion of the prospect’s account into an active resident account on the portal. How’s that for peace of mind and ease in place of headaches, lots of writing and time wasted?

Payquad Solutions is committed to providing you with a thorough and uninterrupted digital leasing experience.

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