A seamless flow and a simple conversion of prospect to tenant will revolutionize your leasing experience.

lead to lease showings

Smart Showings

Smart digital showings are the way to go, not to mention the endless time and energy they save for everyone involved. Book showings back to back with our all encompassing lead to lease module. Bookings can be automatically checked on multiple calendars of your property and teams. Integrations included.

Prospects + Tracking

Management can create prospects at any time to begin the leasing process. The prospect will receive an invite to begin the application as soon as their account is created. Alternatively, an external link can be added to a company’s webpage for prospects to access applications automatically. And then, you can track, track, track and analyze with our deep analytics.

Internal Messaging and Communications

From the creation of a prospect all the way through until the conversion to a full tenant portal, managers can message each other internally regarding any application or lease agreement, as well as communicate with tenants when necessary.

Lease Applications

The application is completely customizable to best suit a management’s needs. Applications can also be reviewed and edited by managers at any stage of the process. Once an application is submitted, it can be approved or denied with or without notice by the relevant lease agent or property manager. If desired, during the approval process credit checks can be applied through our portal as well.

lead to lease applications

Digital Lease Agreement

Upon approval of the application, unique links are sent to applicants, co-applicants and guarantors to enable access to the lease agreement.  The agreement is replete with digital signatures in the legal field and completes the leasing process. This process is all digitized and contact free for a safe yet efficient experience. 

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