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It’s a delicate balance between keeping your company up to date with the latest proptech, and taking care not to upset your employees and tenants with the implementation of new systems and services. It is highly understandable that launching new tech solutions can be a worrisome and burdensome task. There is always the risk of increasing confusion which will actually result in extra work for managers rather than decreasing the workload. This of course is counterproductive and remains a pressing concern when considering whether to incorporate new systems or not.   So what is the right and wrong way of launching new tech for tenants? Here are a few things to be weary of when looking for an efficient tenant portal:
  •  A limited tenant portal that offers few services. This will likely necessitate the launch of additional portals and services that will complicate the lives of both your tenants and managers unnecessarily.
  • Poor communications from the portal service staff.
  • Poor client support and little or no support offered for tenants.
  • A complex system that is not intuitive and will require hours of staff and tenant training. This will not provide the benefits you are looking for.
Here are a few pointers of what to look for when looking for a valuable tenant portal for your company:
  1. User Friendly Interface – Find a tenant portal that boasts an intuitive design and a user friendly interface. Having an easy-to-use system will eliminate much of the confusion and difficulties from the get-go. With a simple system, minimal training is required and the launch will be quicker, smoother and more pleasant for all parties involved.
  1. Great Client Support – Find a service that offers great support for both tenants and managers. Having a third party support system is invaluable. This will reduce much of the frustration and time- consuming phone calls and emails from tenants who require technical support and will free up that much needed time for other more pressing tasks. Of course, support for managers also is crucial and should never be overlooked. Managers should feel comfortable reaching out to the Portal service company with any concerns or questions at any time.
  1. A Comprehensive Tenant Portal – Having a tenant portal with easy online payment options, great communication options, digital maintenance requests, parcel delivery notifications, amenity bookings, leasing, inspections along with the ability to seamlessly integrate with accounting software will leave you breathing easy and feeling more relaxed than you’ve felt in a long time! Tenants will no longer have to reach out to your managers personally as they will be rest assured that their needs will be addressed via the portal. Having a one-stop portal will greatly reduce your administrative tasks and costs and save you a whole lot of time and money in the process.
  1. Gain a Competitive Edge Over Competitors More time and more cash flow will empower you to accomplish things you only could have dreamed of before launching your new tenant portal. Focusing on developing your business and improving operations will suddenly be possible! You will find yourself in an advantageous position to conquer the tasks of the day and reach the company wide goals on a whole new level.

The MyPortal by Payquad Solution:

Payquad pays special attention to developing a proper launch plan along with the client. We work hand in hand with the client to cater to their specific needs in order to ensure success at every step of the process. Our comprehensive tenant portal is extremely user- friendly and offers many conveniences for tenants and managers alike.  It also offers seamless integration with the accounting systems you already have in place and our support team is also on hand to answer all tenant and manager inquiries via phone and email. To book a free demo now click here to learn more!