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Let’s face it, there’s lots of competition out there vying for the same tenants. So what can you do easily to differentiate your property from the rest? In most cases, curb appeal is the first impression your property makes on a potential renter. Here are a few simple tips to increase your property’s curb appeal and give it that little boost it needs.

1. Clean up the yard

The lawn may be in perfectly good shape, but if it’s a mess and covered with weeds and litter  it will appear as neglected and ugly. A clean, fresh yard is inviting and more importantly, makes a statement: “This is a well-cared for building”. So take the time to clean up and give your yard that fresh look. Put down some fresh mulch. Cut off any loose hanging branches, and take out the weeds in the lawn. With minimal work, these simple tips will do wonders for the appearance of your property.

2. Plant flowers

Planting flowers is probably the number one, most effective and economical way to spruce up your property’s look. Plant flowers along the sidewalks, around trees and signs. Nice rows of flowers around the perimeters, will give your yard a gorgeous elegant look.

3. Paint

A fresh coat of paint on prominent doors or exterior features, will give your property a crisp look. Choose modern colours or timely neutrals to catch your prospective renters attention.

4. Lighting

Prospective tenants will often come look at a property after work hours. Outdoor lighting can accent your landscaping beautifully, while making them feel secure and welcome at the same time.

5. Garbage area

Garbage areas are not the most pleasant of places. Make sure they are well fenced in where ever possible and kept in an orderly fashion. Alternatively there are in-ground garbage bin systems that hide most of the garbage underground, so that there is no unsightly refuse in view.

5. Concentrate on the details

Your properties curb appeal lies in the details. When you focus on the small details, it gives an overall impressive impression. Add some attractive planters. Ensure your signage is clean and presentable. Fencing on your property should be painted if need be and in good condition.


Most of these ideas can be done by yourself or by an onsite manager. If you are managing a larger property and are employing a landscaping company, mention these easy to do tips and they should be able to take care of the rest. It’s worth the expense!


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