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So you’ve got a resident rent payment portal, but how do you get them to use it?

Here are a few best practices that we’ve seen work.

1. Get your staff on-board

There is nothing more effective than the property managers or on-site superintendents explaining the benefits of online payments to the tenants while they are actually paying rent. The more involved the property staff, the higher the adoption of the online program.

2. Offer incentives

Give your residents a little reward- anything- it will help them give it a shot the first time. Once they’ve tried it, they will never leave. Not to mention rewarding your staff as well for hitting set targets.

3. Make it a policy

You can’t always set a rule, but you can suggest this as a policy. Something to the effect of ” Our new policy is to go paperless; we are therefore encouraging all residents to make their rent payments on our simple and easy to use online portal.”

4. Make sure your residents know about it

This seems obvious, but this is sometimes overlooked. If your residents don’t know about it, they can’t use it. Use signage in the building, in the lobby, in the elevator, and on every floor. Put door hangers on the doors of your apartment. Add information about your portal to any statements or bills that are mailed out.

5. Reminders

Send reminder emails to remind tenants of the available payment options of which they can take advantage.

6. Use the portal for community updates

Some portals, like ours at , allow you to send updates or even a community newsletter through the portal. This will bring more traffic to your portal, and at the same time remind your residents of the online rent payment options available.

7. Add the portal sign up right into the lease sign up

By adding the portal sign up right into the lease, you can create a seamless transition into the payments that work best for both management and residents. It’s a win- win situation.


Good luck on on-boarding!

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