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As the pandemic persists more offices are coming to the realization that work life can survive and even thrive in an online environment too. Experts are advising that even when the pandemic will be behind us, incorporating more remote work can be the future of successful businesses. With an efficient and detailed plan for a hybrid approach including both remote and in office work, property management companies can jump on the bandwagon as well. As this pandemic persists, providing your employees with a choice to work from home as needed, can prove most advantageous for your company. Join us as we explore some of the advantages of a remote work environment and strategize how to proceed with setting up your management team’s plan. Let us embrace the novel idea of a hybrid approach as the world of property management’s new “virtual reality”.

Some of the Advantages of a hybrid approach:

1. Improve Company Morale, Increase Productivity: 

It’s a well- proven fact that people are at their top performance when well-rested, well fed and comfortable with their work environment. We tend to associate high productivity with a professional work environment but new studies are proving otherwise. While in some cases it’s true that the office may ensure less distractions, the studies are showing that when employees can work from the comfort of their own homes, the productivity level can actually be increased. 

Working from home may lower employee stress levels by removing pressures associated with the office. Employees can create a calm and quiet environment at home without distractions from colleagues.  A Stanford study found that remote workers are 13% more productive when compared to their in-office counterparts. Reducing work distractions is good for productivity and remote work helps eliminate workplace distractions like background noise and interruptions from coworkers.

Remote workers confirm this themselves, with 76% claiming that they’re more productive when working remotely because they experience fewer distractions, and 62% attributing their productivity to a less noisy work environment.

Home office space also allows for the ability to recover from illness or surgery at home, ensures less exposure to illnesses, enables ease of caring for a health issue or disability, as well as provides the option to create a comfortable workspace. More relaxed employees results in better creativity flow and expression of talent. The home environment also allows time and opportunity for healthy food choices and comfortable attire. In addition to improved personal health and an increase in valuable work turnout, coworker and manager relationships can also be improved without the stressors and politics that come along with an in-office job. 

Another huge benefit that cannot be overlooked is cutting out or decreasing commute time. More than 30 minutes of daily one-way commuting is associated with increased levels of stress and anxiety. Reducing the need for the morning commute can facilitate a little extra needed sleep in the morning and healthier breakfast options. This inevitably results in calmer and more alert employees who are ready to tackle the tasks of the day. 

Even with all this in mind, make sure not to overlook the needs of those who wish to keep their office space. For some employees the opposite still holds true and they will only be at their highest performing rates while working in the company office. The bottom line is, that when employees are happy, be it at home or in the office, they will perform better and more eagerly.

2. Expand Your Horizons, Expand Your Talent Pool:

From a business standpoint, supporting a remote work environment in addition to the office, will open a whole new world of opportunity for you. Without the limitation of a physical office space, you can embrace employees from diverse socioeconomic, geographic, and cultural backgrounds. Widening your scope of employee choices will improve your chances of finding real talent and intelligence to further the growth and success of your company. Furthermore, your company will gain the reputation of an inclusive and well-rounded business environment which will naturally expand your clientele as well.

3. Save On Bills and Save On Losses:

Sending your workers home reduces the need for office space which means less rent to pay!  Companies who offer transit subsidies can save on those costs as well as the need for employee transit disappears. You will also save on office supplies costs as they will also be reduced.

Additionally enabling employees to work from home when necessary, will generate a decline in absenteeism. In the corporate world, time is money. Valuable time lost is money lost. Without the requirement of showing up to the office every day, employees are more likely to work out their personal schedules to better accommodate their work schedules and not request “off days” as often. Multiply these savings by the amount of workers your company has employed, and you’re looking at great savings prospects with a  remote work environment in place.

A fully remote workplace may not be optimal in all cases and a hybrid and flexible approach is often the way to go. Cut down on costs but give employees the ability to have options of working in or out of the office.

It’s Time for the Plan:

In discussion of the various benefits of remote work, it is crucial that the risks involved with this set-up are not ignored. Allowing for a remote work environment necessitates a large degree of trust in your employees. It is therefore crucial to set up a viable plan for your team. This will ensure success and allow for this new business reality to flourish. Only then can your business and your employees expect to reap the rewards. 

1. Establish a Trustworthy Environment Through a Professional and Effective Communication Structure:   

Setting up a proper virtual communication system will facilitate easy and open dialogue amongst all staff. The most efficient way to accomplish this is via a conclusive and user-friendly communication portal that all employees can access. This ensures that all communications remain in one place and can be referenced at any point. Encourage constant communication and meetings via Zoom or the like, to ensure you are up-to-date and that important meetings,tasks or messages aren’t being forgotten or ignored. Depending on the needs of your team, set up daily, weekly or monthly check-ins to see how everyone is doing and to discuss any issues that are due to arise. 

2. Set up An On-Site Emergency Contact Plan:

In the world of property management, on-site managers are unavoidable. Appoint an emergency contact manager who will be available to answer to or attend to any emergencies on site when they arise. Create a rotation system and secondary contact options to avoid burnout and to cover all possible scenarios. 

3. Allow Employees to Properly Maintain Their Home/Work Balance: 

As a company, it is essential to recognize that increased productivity can also lead to burnout and unhappy employees. Encourage your team to make balance a priority. Provide the choice for employees to work in the office if it is preferable or more conducive for them.  It is also imperative that employees not be expected to remain available after hours in the event that they are working from home. The fact that they’re home and that the computer is readily available, mustn’t change the expectation. Encourage self-nurture and provide empathy and understanding for employees who are expected to work even with children at home, during these uncertain times.

With proper communication and flexibility all around, you are bound to be pleasantly surprised with just how much more can be accomplished with a hybrid approach of an in-office/remote work environment.

The MyPortal by Payquad Solution:

Allow Payquad to pave the way for your company as you work to quickly and efficiently set up the opportunity for a remote work environment. With Payquad’s extremely simple, user-friendly yet detailed software program, you will find your mind at ease. Effective communication and organization across the board will become the new norm for your company, whether in-office or at home on your couch. There are multiple conveniences within our platform that support remote work. 

One such convenience is our practical and polished communications module. This module ensures a smooth transition for all employees as well as a continued and effective communication structure for all employees to benefit from. Our maintenance module which allows tenants to create maintenance forms online and will have you notified in real time, will also allow you to breathe easier. Most importantly the online payment option and receipt storage module will have multiple payoffs and benefits for both tenants and management in these pandemic days. 

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