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Is the Payquad implementation gonna be a really long, complicated, drawn out process?

This is a question we get sometimes from companies that have previously had nightmarish experiences rolling out new software.

The one word answer is NO.


We often get properties up and running in under a week. For a clearer picture, here’s the implementation process of a new Payquad account.

  1. We receive the executed application and our underwriting bank begins to process it. This is typically completed in 2-3 days.
  2. Simultaneously, Payquad begins to set up a custom branded portal for your tenants to access.
  3. You will send us a file with the property and unit information so we can create accounts for your tenants. Payquad will populate that info into the system and supply you with welcome letters to distribute to your tenants. Alternatively, this can be done via email with out any paper or you can allow your tenants to sign up themselves.

BOOM! You’re ready to roll! We will help you start marketing your new portal to your tenants and start watching payments and lots more really get streamlined. There obviously can be more complicated setups if there are integrations involved and if many modules are being used. But our promise to you is the Payquad implementation process will be as smooth and pleasant as possible with most of the work completed by our team.


Contact us to learn more about our quick and simple implementation process.

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