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“I couldn't recommend Payquad strongly enough. Having spent most of my career in tenant management systems and implementations, the Payquad team has truly stepped up to the challenge. From the excellent user interface to the knowledgeable support team that supports not just management staff, but tenants too. I am always impressed by the alacrity by which the Payquad development team attends to the needs of their clients.”

-Mei HuchinsonSenior Manager - Medallion Corporation
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Our residents also find it very efficient to pay their monthly rental payments which saves us countless hours of administrative work and increases our
cash flow monthly.”

-Kris BoyceChief Executive Officer - Signet Group
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"We consistently get feedback from tenants on how easy the portal is to use. They love the simple interface and flexibility in payments. While other providers make it too complicated, Payquad hit this one out of the park. It's bulletproof, easy to use, and it works."

-Richard JaikaranVP of Finance- Berkley Property Management
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"Anyone in the rental business can benefit from an automated system like Payquad. It has helped us improve the tenant experience while saving our staff a lot of time. I’m happy with the level of convenience and it’s ease of use that has really helped us grow our business."

Michelle Glied-GoldsteinCEO at Summerhill Real Estate Group
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