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“Connections” have always been a key factor on the road to success in the business world. Back in the day, these connections were all about knowing the “right people” in the “right places” and working to establish amiable business relationships for mutual benefit. While these live connections have remained invaluable, the introduction of the internet and its subsequent exponential growth has created a need for connections of a new kind. Software and system integrations have become an increasingly important facet in a company’s operational integrity. Without the proper software integrations in place, even inter-department connectivity can be a painful, interrupted process that can impede productivity and hamper growth opportunities.

Modern businesses have a diverse set of needs and customers demand immediate and efficient service.  This reality makes it essential for current software solutions to have the capability to deliver, exchange, and update information easily and consistently.

So what is software integration and how can it benefit my business?

Software integration is the process of linking various types of software parts or sub-systems to form a unified single system. Integrated systems provide the user with a vast range of possibilities and accessibilities. They unlock an unprecedented  level of flexibility of information and service delivery, by combining multiple platforms and serving them to the user in one interface.  

Employing software integrations  will prove to be a rewarding experience for all users.

For further illustration, within one company it is not uncommon to find multiple systems including an accounting system to track finances, a web analytics system to manage website traffic, and a customer resource management (CRM) system to improve sales. Imagine if your managers and site staff could sign into one system to access all of these systems in one go. The result would be a high-speed and efficient user experience and more satisfied tenants. This would reduce frustration amongst both managers and tenants alike, by empowering managers to increase their productivity.

If inter-department integrations could have such a collosal  effect on a company’s efficiency and bottom line, imagine the potential gains of cross-company integrations! What if your company could simply integrate their existing systems with another existing software, rather than start from scratch in building their own? This type of collaboration can have immeasurable benefits for all parties involved.  

Specifically in the field of property management, the variables are exciting. You can connect your accounting system to a full crm system for broad visibility and excellent organization of payments and records. Additionally, integrating your existing database with a resident portal could prove to be a seamless and rewarding experience. It could potentially eliminate hours of tedious data entry and cross-checking. A full service resident portal offers many opportunities for creating more efficiencies in your operations and workflows. Consider digital maintenance requests, online payments and a messaging module for smooth uninterrupted communication and functionality.

Software integrations can be that missing ingredient in helping your property management company gain an edge over your competitors. By incorporating a business process that your competitors don’t have, you have transformed your product or service into that elusive “package deal”. Integrating your systems promotes a friendlier software ecosystem with automated workflows, better organization, accountability, and open communication. This combination will result in powerful and efficient operations in managing your properties and tenants’ needs.

The MyPortal by Payquad Solution:

Our software is top of the line and built to please. We always work with the client for the ultimate user experience, with our focus on both managers and tenants alike. Payquad currently offers real-time integrations with both Yardi and Rentmanager which allows for quick and easy onboarding as well as a comfortable and seamless user experience. Integrating with the systems you already have in place will greatly enhance your day to day productivity and efficiency. Book a live demo now to learn more about how Payquad can help you streamline your workflows today and integrate your system!