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The creation of a memorable resident experience can only be achieved with an intentional approach. A friendly wave and a casual hello will not necessarily preserve tenant satisfaction if and when real problems arise. Much thought and effort must be invested in creating an intentional and positive experience for your  tenants. So how can this reasonably be achieved amongst the rest of the myriad responsibilities of a property manager or landlord? Here are a few ideas we came up with based on our research and experience.

The Power of First Impressions:

Make that first encounter a memorable one.

Starting with the initial showing, show a warmth and openness to prospective tenants. Provide answers to any and all inquiries to show a willingness to cooperate and to develop a valuable relationship with them before they even sign the lease. Once they actually move in, it is highly advisable to leave a small personalized gift with your company logo on it, or a mini bottle of champagne in the unit, celebrating their joining your community. Make them feel special and appreciated and they will feel they made the right choice in choosing your property over hundreds of other possibilities.

 Another invaluable tip is to visit your new tenants shortly after they move in to welcome them to your property, inquire how their moving experience was, and whether they find everything to their satisfaction in the unit. Open the lines of communication from the outset and you will set yourself up for a successful relationship with your tenants. Feeling welcome in a new home and community will foster a crucial sense of belonging and security for them. These feelings will soon translate into loyalty to you and your property, provided that this connection is nurtured and maintained consistently.

Offer a Resident Portal:

As residential portals are gaining popularity and momentum, it is imperative as a landlord to keep yourself well informed and up to date with the latest developments in property management. When it comes to a tenant portal, the bottom line is that it opens the lines of communication between the management and tenants. Tenants can become very frustrated when they feel their needs are not being met, let alone heard. Providing them with an address where they can forward their comments, requests or complaints at any time of day or night is crucial to a successful relationship and residential experience. This method stands in stark contrast to voicemails or even emails which can mistakenly be lost or deleted.

 You can also easily foster a feeling of community by keeping tenants informed of any scheduled events or maintenance that will be happening in the building well in advance. Tenants who are “in the know” of the happenings in their property will feel that sense of belonging that everyone craves and every landlord should strive to create within their properties. Payments and Amenity Bookings modules will give tenants the ability to pay their rent quickly and easily and  book an amenity at their convenience. Online booking systems and platforms for communication will greatly enhance their resident experience.

Schedule Community Wide Events:

Studies have shown that residents with a few friends within their community are more likely to renew their leases. In this digital age when hundreds of “virtual friends” and a lot less “in-person” time spent at work and at home is the norm, people need in-person socializing more than ever. Not to mention the isolation everyone has experienced throughout this Covid-19 pandemic. Opening up your community to events which adhere to government guidelines and regulations, can greatly boost the morale in your community, as well as their overall feelings of goodwill and sense of belonging to something bigger and greater than themselves. This is likely to encourage tenants to renew their leases so they can retain the friendships they have developed with greater ease, as well as to enjoy the comfortable and homey environment you have successfully created for them.

The MyPortal by Payquad Solution:

Provide your tenants with the ultimate resident experience with our Payquad Residents’ Portal. With online payments, amenity bookings, communications and more, your tenants will have direct access to their management and information on upcoming community events. Book your demo now to learn more!