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Property managers and tenants have acquired a love-hate relationship over the years. Tenants expect timely resolutions and management faces protocol demands. The basis of their communication has not grown over the years. Management companies worry about tenants paying rent on-time, while tenants worry about their issues being dealt with on-time.

There can be lots of miscommunication between the two parties. For example, a request is written up by the tenant, given to the superintendent, then sent to management. These hard copy request forms can be unreliable and even easily misplaced. Sometimes simply trying to read a tenant’s writing can take double the time. Enter the solution of online maintenance requests!

Implementing an online maintenance request system benefits everyone! Easy, neat, efficient and organized. On top of all that, these forms are direct, the third party is eliminated. This enables requests to be met significantly faster.

Settings for this system include options such as notifying management at the end of the day or notifying them immediately upon creation of the request. The request can be dealt with right away and sent to any vendor of the management’s choosing.

Payquad has a maintenance request feature which allows tenants and managers to communicate effectively. The feature includes an pro version which allows managers to live chat with the tenants and can make the relationship that much better! Feel the difference, be a part of simpler solutions. Learn more