Give your company a face and personality with our communication module.

Dashboard Notices

Create a message that will appear on the tenants’ dashboard for as long as you schedule it to remain. This will ensure the tenant sees the notice and each time he signs into his account he will be reminded of it. You can even upload attachments to display! Great communication is key!


Send messages with attachments to your whole portfolio, specific properties or even communicate with specific tenants. With in-app messages, emails and SMS gone are the days of miscommunication.


Templates & Groupings

Create a group of people for whom messages are intended collectively or create and store templates.  This empowers you to send any template or message to a specific grouping thereby saving on a lot of time and effort.

Scheduled Messages

Create messages whenever you can grab a minute and schedule it to be sent at a later date. You can create a template, select a grouping and then schedule it to be sent out whenever you desire. How is that for efficiency?

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