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In general Canadians are of the most active people globally online. The Canadian Internet Authority (CIRA) claims that 8 out of 10 Canadians are online and a majority of them are daily users. Not only are a great percentage of Canadians online, they are also spending the most time online .

Comscore puts Canadians at 45 hours a month per user nearly double the global average.  Canadians continue to top the charts in social network activity as well, especially for the millennial generation.

Three out of four Canadians own smartphones that is well beyond the American. Mobile subscribers are growing by 5% year over year, now at over 23 million users.

We are continuing to see the trust factor growing as well, with people moving their personal finances online. The Canadian banking association reported that 55% of Canadians say they bank primarily online. This doesn’t account for the large percentage that banks online but not as their primary method. This number is growing rapidly. As is evident from the CBA reporting, just last year that number stood at 46%, an almost 10% difference in just one year.

As we go forward into 2015 we will see these numbers continue to rise.

Canadians are clearly leaders in online usage.

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