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Payquad is Canada’s #1 Resident portal system.

How are you communicating with your tenants? Studies have shown that tenants would much rather a customized resident portal experience than a generic Facebook page. And even more so, (although what can be better than keeping tenants happy) the benefits to you, the management, are numerous.

Here are a few things a good #1 resident portal should have for your tenants.

  1. Communication hub-

Communicate with newsletters or notifications on a regular basis. Allow your tenants to always be in the know.

  1. Maintenance requests-

Allow your residents to digitally send a request, making sure issues don’t come to bite you later.

  1. Online rent payments-

Accept rent payments online 24/7 through multiple methods of payment.

  1. Document Storage-

Share important, permission-based documents with your tenants.

  1. Amenity Booking-

Tenants should be able to search and book the party room, or elevator directly on their resident portal or app.

  1. Resident Insurance-

Make sure your tenants are insured by giving them easy, affordable options at their fingertips.


Look out for our articles describing the benefits of each feature in further detail.


In 2020, tenants have come to expect quick service in a self-serve, on-demand fashion. Consider this- over 50% of tenants feel underserviced by their property management. This can result in high turn overs = $$$ ! A resident portal gives the resident the ability to be in touch with the management and feel cared for, and best of all, most of that interaction can happen automatically.

Besides for the reducing turnover and creating happier tenants which obviously can be very valuable, there are countless efficiencies that will be realized by instituting a self-serve tenant capability.

To learn more about the cost savings and efficiencies to day to day workflows contact us today for a free demo and learn more about Canada’s #1 Resident Portal.