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Are managers responding to maintenance issues in a timely fashion? When was the last time this issue was dealt with? Overall, should we be spending capital on a specific expense? These are all questions maintenance directors and owners need to have answers to. With real-time operations analytics, you can get a grip on what’s happening at your properties. 

Operations analytics uses data analytics and business intelligence to improve efficiency and streamline every day operations. It is supported by data mining, artificial intelligence and machine learning. It allows companies to bring all kinds of data together and get an idea of what’s going on in their company, and how to facilitate new ideas. Operation analytics has a positive impact on companies. 

It can help with:

1. Faster decision makings:

With operation analytics, managers can react to data in real-time and make adjustments when necessary. Problems don’t go undetected, they are addressed quickly and responded to rapidly. 

2. Enhanced customer experience:

When the customer is happy, so are we! With operation analytics, managers react to situations in real time, leading to satisfied customers. For example, if a manager notices a recurring complaint, they can investigate the issue, leading to heightened customer satisfaction.

3. Increased productivity:

With operation analytics managers can see where there are inefficiencies, and work to resolve them. When analytic reports are run, the data may encourage a manager to rethink a certain process and go about it in a more productive way. 

 It’s important for businesses to embrace operational analytics to increase productivity and efficiency. It can have transformative impacts on customer satisfaction and retention. 

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