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Managing rent payments the old fashioned way is fraught with potential security issues. Collecting cheques or cash means that you’ll have highly sensitive items sitting around your office, possibly changing hands a number of times. While we all want to believe in the better nature of people, cheques are easily doctored or, worse yet, stolen. Add cash to the mix and you’ve got yourself a scenario where money can be swiped or misplaced. Talk about creating an awkward environment for your team. And what will your residents think when they can’t trust you with their rent payments?


It’s time to enter the 21st century by allowing your renters to securely pay their rent online—whether they’re at the office or on the beach. Here are four reasons why:

  1. Online rent payments are not the future. They’re here and they’re here to stay.

    Through a secure payment network, your residents can send you their rent electronically with confidence. Forget cheques, cash and bank deposits. With online rent payments, money is deposited directly into the proper account without any delays or holds.

  2. Online rent payments with Payquad are secure and safe.

    By using secure socket layers (SSL), the data that’s changing hands (such as credit card numbers or bank account information) is encrypted, making it difficult to be intercepted and used by online scammers. SSL is used by banks and ecommerce websites the world over, and is the universal standard for security online. This bank-grade security is easily recognizable by the “lock” icon that appears in the web address bar, in addition to the website address beginning with “https://”. Check it out by clicking here and glancing at the address bar.


  1. Online rent payments are secured even further thanks to technology known as “tokenization”.

    This process helps to secure payments by substituting a sensitive data element, such as a full credit card number, with non-sensitive elements that will prevent the information from being usable if it is stolen. Even further to this technology is the adherence to Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. PCI is a universal security standard that handles payments made by branded credit cards online, adding another layer of security to the process.


  1. Payquad is convenient.

    Most of your renters already make payments online for a large number of everyday expenses, including shopping and bill payments. By taking rent payments online, you automatically give your residents more choice, greater security and the ultimate in convenience. Both you are your residents can rest assured knowing that the information they provide you is safe and secure thanks to Payquad’s sophisticated, gold-standard technology.


Give your employees, residents and yourself peace of mind. Make the transition to secure online rent payments by contacting Payquad today.

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