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Property managers have a lot on their plate, and many people don’t know all the intricacies that their job entails. A day in the life of a property manager ranges from emails and phone calls to maintenance requests and property inspections. The job requires a quick thinker, good listener and somebody that enjoys dealing with a range of people on a daily basis. A property manager’s schedule is busy and demanding, and can get overwhelming. Our Payquad portal is there to help lessen the load, and ease the burden of tenant requests. Let’s have a look into a day in the life of a property manager, with the assistance of a Payquad portal.

For a typical property manager, the morning begins with an influx of emails and phone calls from tenants. Maintenance requests, new lease applicants and payment concerns are just a few of the daily inquiries. With the help of Payquad, these requests are minimized. Maintenance requests are seamless with our Payquad portal, and tenant payments can be automated monthly allowing for less complications. The Payquad support line is always available for any disruptions or miscommunications along the way. So for a property manager using Payquad, the morning is a lot calmer.

After a quick lunch break, the next wave of calls and emails come in. A prospective tenant is looking to fill out a lease application. This can typically be a long process involving a lot of paperwork and back and forth between you and the tenant. The Payquad portal makes this procedure frictionless. The tenant will upload all the required information to their Payquad portal leaving the property manager to click a few buttons to complete and sign the lease entirely digitally!

Soon after, a frantic tenant calls explaining that they were charged twice for this month’s rent. This can be a gruesome process for property managers and requires a lot of back and forth between tenants, and the bank. Payquad makes this misunderstanding easy and quickly resolvable. All it takes is a quick call or email to Payquad support, and they can reverse the charge with the click of a button.

What else is on the agenda for a property manager you may ask, lots of maintenance requests from tenants. When managing so many properties and units, there are a lot of maintenance related concerns. All the tenant has to do is file a request through their Payquad portal, and the rest is taken care of.

Property managers have a lot to juggle throughout their day, and Payquad eases any stresses allowing for seamless communication with tenants. The day in the life of a property manager with the assistance of Payquad allows daily tasks to be simplified, and involves a lot less stress.

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