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In these unprecedented and difficult times many important things have fallen to the wayside. Specifically in the world of property management, social distancing has made it burdensome to collect rent, has made tenants hesitant or even anxious to approach management offices with their needs and the list goes on. An online option that incorporates multiple solutions is now paramount to ease circumstances for tenants and landlords alike. 

1. Touchless Prospect and Leasing Process

Leasing is arguably one of the most important functions to a property’s bottom line and Covid-19 has definitely taken a swipe at that. A frictionless application and leasing process that is totally digital is a huge asset in today’s anxious and uncertain environment. Applicants who can apply, book showings and even fill out applications and leases digitally are put at ease and made to feel safe during this process. This inevitably will result in higher lease close rates.

2. A Safe and Comfortable Alternative for Rental Payments

In experiencing the uncertainty of these times, an emphasis on joint empathy and keen understanding of tenant and staff needs is in order. Tenants should not have to worry about potentially being exposed to the virus while simply trying to pay their rent. Provide your tenants, managers and site staff alike with the convenient and safe option of making and reviewing payments online from the comfort of their own homes. It is the responsible thing to do.

3. Digital Maintenance Request Process

Wherever possible, it is imperative to ensure minimal physical proximity and contact. Avoid the unnecessary step of tenants submitting paper maintenance forms in order to help slow the spread of Covid-19 by enabling digital maintenance forms. 

There is also the potential problem of necessary repairs being ignored by tenants, due to fears of exposure. This can lead to the deterioration and break down of units and property value. The simplest solution to both of these issues is to provide tenants and managers with the ability to file and process maintenance requests online.

4. Remote Communication Option

Communication has always been the foundation for ensuring customer satisfaction. Now due to the pandemic it has metamorphosed into the single most crucial aspect in happy client-consumer relations.

Being “in the know” can make upsetting circumstances more manageable. Set up company customized digital communication to keep tenants up-to-date. Tenants can receive real-time notifications of all property related changes or protocol improvements relating to Covid-19. Knowledge is empowering and an empowered and confident tenantry is a happy and successful management team.

5. Digital Covid-19 waivers

Create a Covid-19 waiver for maintenance request forms, as well as for amenity bookings. This ensures that all parties are agreeable to any terms and conditions that may apply due to Covid-19 and helps to alleviate any additional and unnecessary stress in these already challenging times. 

6. Online Notification of Parcel delivery and Digital signatures

Avoid contact between delivery men and tenants or tenants and on-site office staff by setting up a system that notifies tenants of parcel deliveries and allows for digital signatures online. The concierge can be given access to this setting as well, to act as the middleman between the delivery agent and the tenant.

The MyPortal by Payquad Solution:

Payquad is here to ensure your safety and convenience. Set up your online portal now and enter a new world replete with professional and user-friendly software. Our portal includes all the settings detailed above and more. Allow our platform to proffer you with a little more peace of mind in these trying times.

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