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We are in the midst of winter here in Toronto and landlords face a unique set of challenges in managing their properties effectively. From snow to freezing temperatures, the winter season demands attention to ensure that properties remain in top condition and that tenants are comfortable. Below are some property management tips to help landlords navigate the winter months seamlessly.

Be proactive about maintenance

Make sure to complete routine inspections and maintenance before and during the winter season. Check the roof, gutters, and pipes for any signs of wear and tear or potential issues. Checking these areas will help you avoid problems such as roof collapse during heavy snowfall. Make sure that the gutters and pipes aren’t jammed to not cause water damage (Mashvisor, 2020). It’s also a good idea to hire professionals to remove snow in the common areas of your buildings. 

Insulation and heating

Proper insulation and heating is crucial during the winter months. Make sure that all properties have adequate insulation to conserve heat and prevent freezing pipes. Let tenants know how they should be using their heating systems. Especially when tenants go away, it’s important for them to set their thermostats to a certain temperature to avoid freezing pipes (Propertyware, 2020). If the temperatures are controlled on a building level, then make the necessary adjustments there as well. The last thing you want is complaints from tenants about freezing temperatures!

Tenant communication

Communication with tenants is everything! Providing tenants with clear steps on winter maintenance can be a game changer and will keep your tenants happy. Encourage them to report maintenance issues promptly, especially weather-related concerns. Payquad makes it easy for your tenants to report any problems such as frozen pipes, leaks, or heating issues. Having a streamlined communication channel such as Payquad allows managers to address tenant queries promptly.

Act quickly

Unforeseen maintenance issues can arise at any time. In these types of situations, it is crucial to have trusted contractors or repair professionals on standby to address any emergency right away. If there is any warning of severe weather, make sure that your tenants are aware and advise them to be extra careful while in the outdoor areas especially when there is snow and ice. With Payquad, you can add your vendors right on the portal and attach them to a maintenance request. They will then receive an email about the maintenance issue with all the necessary information.

Insurance coverage

Winter weather can bring about costly damages and repairs. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that you have a comprehensive insurance package. Review your policy beforehand to confirm that you are protected from all types of winter-related risks, especially liability concerns such as slip-and-fall accidents. 

With proactive measures and effective communication, you can tackle any winter challenges that come your way. Prioritize winter maintenance, have open dialogue with your tenants and ensure that all your properties remain safe during the winter months. Remember that this approach will not only protect your property, but also enhance tenant satisfaction and retention.


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