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Having beautifully maintained and well frequented fitness centers, pool rooms, and tennis courts ensures a healthy and happy tenantry and a polished and professional image for your company. But we know managing these conveniences can be anything but convenient for property managers. Your full calendar and back to back meetings can make it complicated to keep abreast of tenant satisfaction, as well as the employment of efficient monitoring of bookings for building amenities. Here are three things you should know about managing your amenity bookings.

1. Provide a Visually Appealing and User-Friendly Online Amenity Bookings System:

     Enable both tenants and property managers to have the ability to create bookings using an amenity calendar, and you will no longer have mistaken double bookings or confusion of appointments. 

Having an aesthetically pleasing calendar for booking amenities online ensures a happy user experience and results in proper organization of time slots.  An online calendar will also inform tenants of booking availability at a glance.

2. Give Management the Ability to Pre-Approve or Reject All Booking Requests Online:

     Allow managers to approve or deny requests for bookings with a click of the button. Tenants will then be automatically notified of this.

It is especially important to have tenants sign Covid-19 and safety waivers to any amenity which tenants must agree to upon booking. This is accomplished most effectively online.

3. Control Number of Booking Slots Per Day and Customize Availability Per Week:

     Provide your management team with the ability to control the amount of bookings for an amenity per day in accordance with Covid-19 protocol.

Additionally, decide which specific days you wish for any amenity to be available. Tenants won’t be able to book on days that haven’t been selected. This allows time for your maintenance and cleaning crews to properly maintain your facilities.

4. Accept electronic payments and deposits:

     Management can also require security deposits for an amenity that can be deposited directly on the portal or even take a payment for a guest suite or any booking that requires one.

The MyPortal by Payquad Solution:

      Payquad provides the perfect solution for simple and seamless Amenity bookings. Whether it is the pool, party room, tennis court, fitness room or guest parking, our portal’s amenity booking feature provides an effortless and organized method for both managers and tenants with customizable options to make it a familiar experience for your tenants.