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1. A Tenant portal gives your tenants 24/7 self serve access to their most pertinent information. This allows them to take care of rent payments, maintenance requests, bookings and more from any internet enabled device in real-time.

Time saving


2. Self serve means your saving huge amounts of time for questions or tasks that the tenant doesn’t need assistance with. Both managers and tenants will be able to handle things more efficiently by utilizing a tenant portal. And more time means Money!

Happy Tenants


3. More access to information and being in the know of status updates, property info and general information makes for happier tenants. You can even  communicate specific events or dashboard notifications regarding perks or deals that you want to offer your tenants.

Maintenance requests


4. The ability to request work orders or check on the status of an existing request is a very welcome option for today’s savvy tenants. It makes them feel like they’re in the drivers seat, so to speak, when they have the capability to be involved.

Online payments


5. There’s almost no bill today that’s not being paid online. Why should rent be any different. Tenants prefer to make payments through a tenant portal either automatically recurring or coming in once a month to make the payment. It’s been proven to lower the occurrence of late payments as well as delinquent payments.

Simple implementation


6. Well built tenant portals are easy to deploy and even connect to existing PM systems for a streamlined process. A plan to on-board and roll-out your portal to the property is integral for proper adoption of the system. We at Payquad help with that process from A to Z.



7. Do you have guest parking spots or elevators that need to be booked for move outs? Or even a party room? Reserving those by your super or manager takes up a lot of time and can all be automated through your tenant portal. You can even accept payments if needed.

Important Documents


8. Don’t you hate having to find a document for a tenant and then starting the email game back and forth. Or better yet actually printing out the papers for them. Give your tenants permission based access to all pertinent documents they may need at any time.

Tenant Insurance


9. Tenant insurance protects your asset and obviously protects your tenants as well. Allow tenants to get real-time insurance quotes directly within their portal. Managers can also track and manage all policies from the manager portal to ensure compliance.



10. As portals become common place in residential and commercial properties new innovation continues to grow. Allowing tenants to control smart devices, temperature and property access is already beginning to be available in certain building demographics.
Reach out to learn more about what your  property is missing without a portal!