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Meet Jody. Jody's a renter.

She’s a busy girl and sometimes getting rent in on time is a bit of a struggle.

Between running out of cheques and postage and remembering when it’s due, paying rent is just one more thing Jody’s gotta worry about.

Poor Jody.

I'm a Renter Too!
Meet George. George is a Landlord.

He’s a busy man. And sometimes, George has better things to do than chase after late rent payments and wait in line at the bank to deposit a cheque.

Poor George.
Help Me Save Time.
But there is another way!

Payquad makes paying and receiving rental payments super easy.

Simplify Your Life.
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Secure online rent payments

Payquad is a secure, online resident portal. Now Jody can pay her rent using a credit/debit card or direct debit, wherever, whenever on any device.

She can also automate her payments so she’ll never be late with her rent again! Not to mention, Jody can get rewarded for her payments and do much more through her portal.

Hooray Jody!
Reward Yourself.

George now gets his rent payments on time, directly to his account, and saves hours of work since it’s all online. But that’s not all. George can also keep Jody informed of all building news, streamline maintenance requests and Payquad keeps his files up-to-date in real time.

Hooray George!
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Payquad. Save time. Save hassle. Save trees.
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